Oh no! I’ve spilt something!

Accidents do happen, its life. So here are a few handy hints and tips to help out all our customers in Morecambe, Lancaster and the surrounding areas trying to remove spills, spots and stains.

First of all do not panic. It’s best to stay calm and take some action. It’s better to do something rather than just leave it, as it won’t disappear by itself!


General hints and tips

  • Deal with spills and stains as quickly as possible. This increases your chances of success.
  • Always test any detergents/solutions that you are going to use on the spill or stain on an inconspicuous area of the carpet or fabric first.
  • Scrape or blot up any excess before treating the spill or stain.
  • Use detergents at recommended dilution ratios.
  • Do not use household detergents such as washing up liquid, wash powders, bleach or disinfectants on carpets or fabrics.
  • Do not over wet the carpet as you may end up over wetting the backing material.
  • Blot, never rub or scrub.
  • Always apply the cleaning fluid to the absorbent white cloth/towel not directly onto the carpet or fabric.
  • Always work from the outside of the stain inwards to avoid spreading.
  • Keep the carpet or fabric as dry as possible.
  • Encourage quick drying. You might want to use a hair dryer, just on a cool heat, but be careful.


What can I use on spills and stains?

Things we recommend you to have in your cupboards in case of an emergency. All of these items you probably already have in your home or if not they are easy to come by.

  • A spray bottle with a fine mister on it.
  • Clean absorbent white clothes/towels or kitchen roll(make sure its white)
  • Surgical spirit- this can normally be bought from a chemist.
  • A detergent that you would use for washing your woollens. Mix half a pint of warm water with one teaspoon of detergent.
  • White vinegar. Add a teaspoon of the white vinegar to the above solution.
  • Hairdryer. To aid the drying process.
  • Ammonia. I know this isn’t a normal store cupboard item but worth getting some, just in case! Mix one teaspoon of ammonia to one cup of warm water.


Look out for our next blog for advice on specific stain removal so you can use those things we’ve advised you to have in your cupboards.

You can always call us here at Refresh carpets and upholstery for some advice, we really don’t mind.

Call John on 07425259346 or e-mail info@refreshcarpetsandupholstery.co.uk

For more advice on how to deal with stains and spills go to the NCCA website http://www.ncca.co.uk/firstaidforyourcarpet.php.