All you need to know about our carpet cleaning service

As every job we undertake is slightly different then a lot of questions can be raised. We’ve drawn on our 20 years experience and added some of the most commonly asked questions (FAQ) on this page to help you out.

Q – How clear do you need a room to be in order to clean the carpet?

A – The room should be made to be as clear as possible. We ask customers to remove any breakables from furniture that you would like us to move. Any furniture that we move will be placed back in its original position with tabs or blocks beneath the legs. Larger items such as wardrobes, beds and dressers will be left in place and cleaned around. If we feel that an item is too heavy or is not structurally sound then we will not move it.

Q – Do you provide a spot cleaning service?

A – We can provide a spot clean and emergency cleaning service, this is normally accompanied by a full clean, as after a spot clean the treated area is often a different (cleaner) colour than before.

Q – Do you conduct a site survey prior to going to clean or will you just assess the situation / condition of the carpet when you attend the booking?

A – In order to give you the best service, a survey is always the first stage and you will be made aware of any possible issues before cleaning commences. Pictures of any faults will be taken if the customer or representative is not present as evidence.

Q – What if I need to change or cancel my booking with you?

A – We don’t charge for cancellation or for changing a booking. As a result of that, all we ask for is as much notice as possible to allow us to fit someone else in and save a wasted slot in our working day.

Q – What payment methods do you accept?

A – Our preferred method of payment is cash or cheque, we can also accept Paypal or card payments, however, those methods rely on a Wi-Fi signal which in some areas is not possible.

Q – Do you work over Bank Holidays?

A – No is the short answer. Like you, we work hard and need a little break now and again. We do try to accommodate out of hours when we can and also some weekends. Weekends and evening slots do book up fast and in advance, as they are limited.

Q – Do you have a price list?

A – As every job is different in some way, we provide all customers with a price on application after we have gone over a set of questions with you. A price per square meter can be given on application but will only act as a rough estimate rather than a firm quotation.

Q – Are you insured to work in my home or business premises?

A – We are fully insured for damage to property when working in your home or business. We also have specialist treatment risk cover in the unlikely event that something goes wrong with an item we are cleaning for you.

Q – Do you need access to power and water?

A – We will always need the power in the property to be working for our machinery. Access to water would be ideal but not always necessary.

Q – Are your cleaning solutions eco friendly and pet friendly?

A – We use only safe and biodegradable solutions, that are family, pet and environmentally safe and non-toxic.

Q – How long before we can use the carpet or suite again after cleaning?

A – Carpets and upholstery will normally be dry to the touch within 4-6 hours, however areas with heavier soiling may require more attention and could take longer to dry. Carpets can be walked on immediately but we recommend wearing clean shoes or slippers.