Leather upholstery cleaning service Lancaster

If like us you love your super comfy leather sofa and chairs and can’t stand the thought of parting with them – then don’t!

Refresh can clean and care for your items and give them a whole new lease of life you will be delighted with. Over time, general dirt, body sweat and oils get deep into natural leather, this needs a more gentle approach than fabric upholstery cleaning to remove.

There are different types and grades of leather used in making upholstery. Your Refresh technician will be able to identify this and choose the appropriate solution and method in order to get the best results.

Our qualified technicians use specialist solutions that first lift dried in dirt out the leather giving it a deep fresh clean. Then an advanced leather conditioner is applied by hand to give a clean finish that also adds protection against dirt.

It’s also important to know that we only clean leather items by hand. Machine cleaning is not an option as it’s too harsh for the soft leather used in furnishings.

This process will take a tired leather chair or sofa and bring it back to something you will love again. The added protection will ensure that combined with regular care from you, your items will look great for longer. There’s no reason that with regular professional cleaning, your leather upholstery should last you a lifetime!

To enquire about our leather upholstery cleaning service, then simply call us on 01524 935184 or use any of the methods on our contact page here.