Spray bottle and white cloth on grey carpet


Aug 2017

How to remove stains and spills.

How to remove stains and spills.   Ok so you’ve got your emergency spill/stain removal kit all ready, now let’s put it to good use! (See previous blog for what you need in your emergency kit.)   Alcohol, Coffee, Tea, Liquid food or Urine. Blot up surplus spillage. Use the detergent and vinegar solution. Just a little at a time. Remember to add detergent to...


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Large red wine stain splash on a cream carpet in Morecambe.


Jun 2017

Oh no! I’ve spilt something!

Oh no! I’ve spilt something! Accidents do happen, its life. So here are a few handy hints and tips to help out all our customers in Morecambe, Lancaster and the surrounding areas trying to remove spills, spots and stains. First of all do not panic. It’s best to stay calm and take some action. It’s better to do something rather than just leave it, as it...


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