Many of us are house proud and like things to be clean and tidy. It’s amazing where all the dust comes from isn’t it? You can see the dust on the television and on the side board, normally the day after you have dusted, it drives us crazy but you don’t see it on your carpet and upholstery. The dust is there, settling on your carpet and upholstery all the time, it’s just not as obvious as everywhere else. Not only the dust but think of all the small bits of dirt and grit that comes into your house daily on people’s shoes. If you add dogs, cats, house rabbits or any other animals in there they often come with unavoidable soil too. Many of us also have children, young and old, they also have a habit of causing extra mess where ever they go!

We offer a variety of carpet and upholstery cleaning which includes rugs and leather sofas, all tailored to your needs. We can add an anti microbial treatment to your carpet and upholstery to give you the peace of mind that it is squeaky clean. Our customers seem to like this if they have indoor pets or they have young children, especially if they are crawling age.

We also offer a stain protector which we apply after your carpets and upholstery have been cleaned. This gives you a degree of protection from those unavoidable spills that unfortunately do happen in everyday life and make them easier to remove.

How often you have your carpet and upholstery cleaned is totally up to you. So many things can influence this decision. Some of our customers in the Lancaster and Morecambe areas have them done every 6 months as they have children and animals or the family aren’t very good at taking their shoes off! Some have them yearly and some every couple of years. If you keep your carpet and upholstery clean they will look better and last longer.

It is amazing where the time goes as we are all very busy and sometimes before you know it a couple of years have passed and that carpet and upholstery that you wanted cleaning each year is being neglected.

We here at Refresh will get in touch with you a year after we have cleaned to see if you’d like our services again. Our customers find this helpful as life is busy and sometimes these jobs can get forgotten about so a little reminder always helps!

Look for our next blog which will contain hints and tips on stain removal.